Video Page Workflow

4 hours after this video was filmed...

  • I have received 1,194 views on my story.
  • There have been 241 swipe ups (20% approx.)
  • 2 new Mastermind subscribers.
  • $160 closed or approximately $800 in customer lifetime value including upsells & cross promotions.

  • Views, swipe ups & sales will continue to flow in throughout the day and night.
  • Hourly posting helps to bump the story to the front of your followers feed, which increases your reach.
  • When using the video page strategy like this, you'll find that some videos convert better than others.
  • Your best performing pages can easily be optimised by improving the call to action, including more details about the product on offer, handling objections, including a limited time deal etc.
  • You may consider running paid ads to video pages like this, which could significantly magnify your reach, views & sales. These pages therefore may become mini "free offers", and can provide great variety (and huge value!) to your overall marketing campaigns.

UPDATE: 24 hours after this video was filmed...

  • Story views: 5,102
  • Swipe ups: 817 (16% approx.)
  • New Mastermind subscribers: 7
  • Revenue closed: $560
  • Customer lifetime value added: $2,800 (on average)

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